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Finding the Right Sink

From rinsing veggies, to filling dog bowls, to washing dishes, the sink is an important part of your everyday life. So, your sink should reflect your unique style and help you accomplish your 24/7 tasks. Here’s how to decide which type of sink is best for you:


Location & Purpose

Will your new sink be used in the kitchen as a primary or secondary sink? Perhaps you have another function in mind like a clean-up area for your laundry or mud room. Whatever the location and purpose, know there are sinks designed for specific functions, so be sure to explore all of the options.



If you’re replacing an old sink, make sure the new one has the same dimensions so it fits securely into the cut-out of your existing countertop. If you're installing your new sink with a new countertop, familiarize yourself with the compatible installation methods for your countertop material. For example, granite and other solid surface countertops allow for sinks to be installed on top of (topmount) or below (undermount) its surface. On the other hand, standard laminate countertops only allow for sinks to be installed as topmounts.


Cabinet width

All sinks have a minimum cabinet width they will fit. Know this cabinet measurement and be sure the sink you choose falls within this to ensure your new sink will fit properly.


Hole count

Think about which fixtures (faucet, side spray, soap dispenser, etc.) you'd like to partner wtih your sink and determine how many holes will be required in order to accommodate those fixtures. 



All sink materials have their list of benefits and aesthetic features, so in the end, it's all about preference! Stainless steel is a popular choice because it is hygienic, durable and corrdinates well with stainless steel appliances. Tectonite® is a good solution for those who want a color option that offers durability and style on a budget.